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You are invited to participate in the International Scientific Conference of Young Scientists and Students «Information Technologies, Economics and Law: state
and development perspectives»
held in the Private higher educational establishment “Bukovinian University” (2A Darvina Str., Chernivtsi, Ukraine)
on April 19-20 2018.
Conference languages: Ukrainian, English


Section 1. “Society and Law”
1. Criminal and law aspects of social relations regulation
2. Law problems of civil and law relations at the present stage of state development
3. The formation of legal institutions in process development of the statehood
4. The development of national cultures in the process of the independent states formation.
5. Intercultural Communication
6. Problems of political and socio-economic development of Ukraine at the present stage

Section2. “Mathematical Methods, Models and Information Technologies”
1. Applied methods of Soft Computing and Econophysics
2. Chaos theory in the dynamical systems
3. Crisis Situations modeling
4. Database and knowledge systems
5. Mathematical and statistical methods of systems modeling

Section 3. “Innovational development of economics”
1. Innovative Economy and Business
2. Accounting, Analysis and Audit
3. Financial mechanism of the region development

Section 4. “Management”
1. Management processes
2. Crisis Management
3. Management in industry
4. Risks management
5. Enterprises restructuring

Section 5. “Mediation”
1. Theoretically-methodological problems of mediation
2. The development of mediation in the world and in Ukraine
3. The role of mediation in the solving of legal conflicts
4. The connection of the mediation with criminal, social and psychological victimization

Developed Roman Fedoruk